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Humberside Chrysanthemum Club was formed about thirty nine years ago to promote the growing and showing of chrysanthemums. We have about 35 members and are the largest Chrysanthemum Club in the area, holding two, two-day shows each year - the Early Show in September & the Late Show in November. These are held at the Sandhill Garden Centre, Preston, HU12 8TY, East Yorkshire. Our October meeting is always run as a Mini-Show for members who 'sit in' for a running commentary from the invited judge. Regular monthly meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every month at the Sutton Park Golf Clubhouse, Saltshouse Road, Sutton-on-Hull, starting at 7.00pm, and include guest speakers from the chrysanthemum world or related topics such as soil analysis, show preparations and reviews, etc. as well as the month's work and how-to-do-it sessions.

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E-mail:humbs@bevlee.karoo.co.uk Hon. Secretary - anne.britchford@gmail.com  
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